Guinea Pigs I Have Known


Ziggy (r.i.p.)

Self-confident, brash, a hedonist who loved to be held and petted... up to a point. He wasn't afraid to bite if you "did it wrong," but he wasn't stingy with his praise either, given in the form of abundant licks o' love. He lived life fast, loud, and tragically short. He left us during the summer of 1998. Ziggy was an Abby-American blend.

Ziggy at about 6 months of age



We could have called him "Curious George." Friendly and inquisitive from day one, Chester is an easy going pig with huge black eyes who purrs and chirps abundantly in one's lap, but he's not very vocal with his wheeeeeeks and squeals. He loves to race at full speed around the perimeter of his cage as part of his morning exercises. Chester is pretty easy to catch, so he gets to run around the house daily. He is currently aware of our new arrival, Pete, but they are still separated in quarantine. Pete's cage has now moved within a couple of feet of Chester's cage so they can get to know each other's smells. Chester is now a bit less easy going than he used to be; he's obsessed by Pete's presence and occasionally even gets nippy with his slave.

Chester at 2-3 months


Pirate Pete

Pete is our newest family member, the tiniest of runts (and the fastest). Pete blissfully tries to ignore the presence of Chester and seems destined to become the submissive one in the pair once they finally meet.

[image soon: in the meantime imagine a cute little American Tortoise-shell and White (TSW)who is really all white except for a "pirate" patch on the left side of his face of black rimmed with red. Got it?]


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